Working papers

Financial Markets and Keynes’s Long-Term Expectations, paper presented at the nHice Workshop, Nice, Nov. 2018 (with Marcello Basili)

Rationality under uncertainty: classic and current criticism of the Bayesian viewpoint, September 2018

Paradox. What Paradox? On a brief Correspondence Between Leonard Savage and Karl Popper, paper presented at the HETS Meeting, Oxford, Aug. 2018.

Uncertainties that are not risks: Contextualizing the Ellsberg Paradox, paper presented at the HES Meeting, Chicago, June 2018.

Ellsberg’s decision rules and Keynes’s long-term expectations, February 2018

Inside critics of the Bayesian Mainstream in Economics: Letters to Leonard Jimmie Savage, paper presented at the STOREP Meeting, Catania, June 2016.

Daniel Ellsberg on the Ellsberg Paradox, September 2015