Full Professor of Economics, lecturing in Macroeconomics (undergraduate) and in the Economics of Culture, Cultural and Heritage Goods, and Sustainable Tourism (graduate level)

Visiting Professor at the Instituto de Ciência e Tecnología/Políticas Publicas e Estratégias de Desenvolvimento at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.

Research interests: Public Goods as drivers of Development, Inequality and Growth performance in a comparative setting, Economic Dynamics (Growth and Cyclical behaviours), Local and  Sustainable Development, the Economics of Cultural Goods and of Culture, Economics of Tourism. Member of the Tourism Sustainability Group at the EC/DG Enterprise (since inception). Has taught and researched in Europe (the Institute for Higher Studies in Vienna, the CNRS-IDEFI in Nice-Sophia Antipolis, at the Universities of Bielefeld and Magdeburg), Japan (at the Institute for Socio-economic Research, SHAKEN, Osaka University; more recently, at the Centre for Japanese Studies of Tokyo University), at UCLA in the US, at UNAM (México), at the Dept of Economics of the Faculties of Economics and of Social Sciences of UDELAR, Montevideo (UY) at the Instituto de Economia of UFRJ (Brazil) and in various other countries of South America. Fulbright Fellow at the Dept. Of Economics, UCLA. Consultant to FOMIN/the Inter-American Development Bank, Europe-Aid, the Italian International Cooperation; Advisor to local and regional governments. Currently collaborating with ANDES (Agencia nacional de desarrollo, Republica Oriental do Uruguay, ROU) on a proyect on public goods in the dept of Rocha (ROU)