Macroeconomics (Basic)

Lesson timetable:

Wednesday 14.00-16.00, classroom 3

Thursday 12.00-14.00, classroom 3

Friday 8.30-10.00, classroom 3


Programme macroeconomics 23-24


Exam modalities

As you certainly know, the course in Economics and Management works a bit differently ( and also the exams are organized in a peculiar way. For what concerns Macroeconomics, the final grade will be determined accordingly:

40%: final exam in the summer session

60%: assignments

The assignments will consist of

– a midterm exam, to be done in class (40% of the final grade)

– two group projects (each one will contribute to 10% of the final grade): there will be four special lectures, which will be given by external teachers. You’ll be asked to submit, by the end of May, two essays/reports (max two pages, plus the bibliography) on the two special lectures you’ll find more interesting and stimulating. The class will be divided in groups of five students each, each group will submit two collective essays/reports (see the moodle page of the course for the special lectures calendar)