Economics of Money and Banking – 2018-2019

Economics of Money and Banking Calendar

(28 02 2019) Office hours will not take place tomorrow Friday 1st of March

(28 02 2019) Slides of today’s lecture

EMB 28.02.2019

( 1 March 2019) Slides of today’s lecture


(6 March 2019) The Thursday March 7th lecture will begin at 4.30 pm rather than at 4.15

(7 March 2019) Today’s lecture remains at 10 am this morning. Sorry for the confusion


(9 March 2019) Slides of March 7 and 8 lectures



(30 March 2019)

Slides of March 29 Lecture

EMBD29032019 (1)

(6 April 2019) As anticipated in class, it is now possible to book in the system for the mid term which will be held on May 10th, at 10 am during lecture time.

Still as announced, the link below contains a problem set to be discussed in class on May 2nd and May 3rd, to prepare for the test. Students will rotate on the board to discuss the problems.


(16 April 2019) Following the request by many students  I decided to cancel the lecture of Friday 26 April, which will be replaced by a lecture on Tuesday May 6th, at 2-4 pm in Room 11.

(18 April 2019) This is to correct a typo in the above message as follows. The replacement lecture will be held on Tuesday May 7th at 2-4 pm in Room 11

(19 April 2019) As agreed this is a simulation for May 10th mid term test.


(29 April 2019) Due to the 5° Lecture in memory of Prof. Frank Hahn, held by Prof. Ariel Rubinstein (Tel Aviv and New York University), the lecture of Wednesday May 15 is cancelled. It will be replaced by a lecture on May 28th, h 2-4 pm in Room 11.

(21 May 2019) Grades of mid term 10 May


On June 4th, h 3-7 pm there will be an additional session to discuss in class a set of homework problems. Room to be announced.

(26 May 2019) This is a simulation, with additional problems, of the second part of the course.


(5 June 2019) We inform students that the oral test, and grade acceptance, related to the 7th June test, will take place on Friday 14th June, at 3 pm in Room 2. We confirm that the oral test is not mandatory. Those who can not be present on June 14th for confirming the grade need to send a delegate. The delegate must have a personal document for identification and a written delegation by the student for signing acceptance of the grade. Without a signed acceptance, the grade can not be registered in the system.fter the first mid term)

( 8 June 2019)  Test 7 June 2019: final grades (after the first mid term)


(9 June 2019) This is to confirm to students that on Friday 14th, on the occasion of the orals and the acceptance session, students can view their papers.

(15 June 2019) This is to inform that students Rodriguez Madero Alba and Petroiu Georgiana Maria MUST complete the teaching questionnaire since otherwise the system will not allow me to register their final grade

(29 June 2019) Final grades after the 28th June 2019 test.

071747       18

070455      26

067704     28

069843     29

071049      27

072086     22

062269    22

On July 3th students need to come at 10 am , Room Chiostro, to accept the grade, or to do an additional oral exam (not compulsary).  Those who want to accept but could not come on the 3rd can send me an email at “” saying that they accept the grade. If you reject the grade simply show up at the next September test.