Microeconomics II 2022-2023


(23 December 2022) MicroeconomicsIICalendarDimitriMarchMay2023

(5 March 2023) We inform the students that, due to unforeseen contingencies, Thursday 9 March 2023 will be cancelled, and replaced by a lecture on Wednesday 24 May 2023, at the same time in same lecture room.

(1 April 2023)

We inform the students that the mid term test will take place on Wednesday May 3, at lecture time and room.

As anticipated during the last lecture, besides the problems assigned in class, below is the list of exercises from the Varian textbook to be discussed by students in the next two lectures, on 13 and 14 of April.

1.10; 1.11; 3.3; 3.4; 3.5; 5.3; 5.4; 5.8; 5.15; 5.16; 17.4; 17.8; 17.11.

Below you can find a mock text of the mid term test


(4 April 2023) We inform the students that the lectures of 5 and 6 April (tomorrow and the day after after tomorrow) are cancelled due to influenza and fever. As soon as possible I’ll let you know when they will be caught up.

(4 April 2023) As a follow up to the previous message, we inforrm the students of that to catch up with the cancelled lectures (5 and 6 April) as well as to have additional sessions available to discuss problems in class, in May 2023 there will be the following additional lectures on Fridays, in Room 12 as usual.

FRI h12,00-14,00:
05/05, 12/05, 19/05, 26/05

(6 April 2023) To take care of overlapping with other mid terms tests, we inform the students that the Mid Term test will take place on Thursday 4 May (lecture time and room) and NOT on Wednesday 3 May, as originally communicated.

We also inform the student that an additional test, reserved only to those who passed the first mid term, for the second part only of the program will take place on Tuesday June 6 h 10-12, Room 12.

Students can start booking for the first mid term from tomorrow onward.

The above information as well as the revised, after the recent changes, lectures calendar can be found in the following document


(28 April 2023) As a follow up to a proposal by the students, this is to inform that the mid term test has now been postponed to 11 May 2023, h 10, Room 12. The new date appears already in the Segreteria Online system.

(18 May 2023) Below the students can find a problem set and a mock exam for part 2 of the program. I confirm that only those students who passed the first mid term can take part 2 mid term.



(8 June 2023) Below the students can find their grades after the test of 6 June 2023. The grades are final (considering the two mid terms) and the writing MI and MII stand for Micro I and MIcro II respectively. This means that the students whose grade is MI+MII have received the only, and overall, grade in the whole Microeconomics. Please let me know if you accept the grade, want to re-take the test on Microeconomics II, or if you want to take an additional oral test.

Nicola Dimitri

135214 27 (MII)
136457 26 (MI+MII)
135703 28 (MII)
132265 29 (MI+MII)


(16 June 2023) Below the students can find the combined, overall, grades (Microeconomics I (Prof. Tiezzi) + Microeconomics II (Prof. Dimitri)) after the Microeconomics II test of 13 June 2023. Please send me an email, before 17 June 2023 h 3 pm, to let me know if you accept the grade, want to do an additional oral test, or want to retake.

Matricola   Grade

126495       25
133234        20
109730       28