Microeconomics II – 2018-2019

Microeconomics II Calendar

(28 02 2019) Office hours will not take place tomorrow Friday 1st of March

( 03 03 2019) These are the slides of Thursday 28 February lecture


(07 03 2019) These are the slides of March 1st and March 7th lectures


(09 03 2019) Slides of March 8’s lecture


(30 March 2019) Slides of March 28 and 29 lectures

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(6 April 2919)

As anticipated in class, it is now possible to book in the system for the mid-term test which will be held on Thursday May 16th, at 12 am during lecture time.

Moreover, still as announced in class, to prepare for the test on Thursday May 9th and Friday May 10th students, on a voluntary basis, will discuss  on the board the following problems taken from Varian textbook. You can find the problems in the copies distributed in class

1.10; 1.11; 3.3; 3.4; 3.5; 5.3; 5.4; 5.8; 5.15; 5.16; 17.4; 17.8; 17.11.

(14 April 2019) Slides of April 11 and 12 lectures. The two problems, on Arrow-Debreu economies, at the end of the slides, are given as homework and to be discussed in class by the students together with the problems assigned in the previous message of April 6.


Moreover, following a request by the students, the lecture of April 26 is cancelled. It will be replaced by another lecture, whose date and time will be communicated soon on the web site and in class.

(16 April 2019) This is to confirm that the lecture of Friday April 26 is cancelled and replaced by a lecture on Monday May 6th, at 4-6 pm in room 5

(27 April 2019) As anticipated in class this is a simulation of the mid term test of Thursday 16th.


(11 May 2019) Slides May 3rd and 6th



(15 May 2019) These are the grades of today midterm

Matricola                           Grade

084230                               28

084867                               29

089099                               20

(26 May 2019) It is confirmed that on June 3, h 3-7 pm, Room 5, there will a problem set discussion session. Besides those assigned in class below you find a problem set to be discussed on that session.


Slides lecture 24 May 2019


(1 June 2019) In view of 7th June test this is a mock test of the second part


(2 June 2019) Slides lecture 30 May 2019


(5 June 2019) We inform students that the oral test, and grade acceptance, related to the 7th June test, will take place on Friday 14th June, at 3 pm in Room 2. We confirm that the oral test is not mandatory. Those who can not be present on June 14th for confirming the grade need to send a delegate. The delegate must have a personal document for identification and a written delegation by the student for signing acceptance of the grade. Without a signed acceptance, the grade can not be registered in the system

(11 June 2019) Final grades (after the mid term) of the 7 June 2019 test. Because the number of students is low you can simply send an email to me “dimitri@unisi.it”, rather than coming on Friday 14, to accept the grade if you do not want to take the oral exam. Otherwise come on June 14th as said above.


(29 June 2019) Grades of 28 June 2019 test of Microeconomics II

088479     21  (final, after also Prof. Tiezzi’s part)

087573      insufficient

088058     20 (only Microeconomis II)

Rather than coming on July 3rd at 10 am (Chiostro Room) the students can simply send me an email as, soon as possible, at “dimitri@unisi.it” to let me know if they accept their grade, or if they also want to do an oral examination or if they wish to reject the grade and re-take the test in September.